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Praesto Coaching feedback for Pearson Intern Development Day

         The last session of the day was something which I have no words to thank you enough for, since it really helped to realize that if I can truly visualize my goals, I can work harder towards it.

  • The motivational speaker was a definite bonus. As much as initially I was skeptical as to a few of his suggestions, i found the session was very useful.

  • I felt that the coaching was a really positive experience and think there were things he was saying that could help me in other areas of my life than just work. It was also good to be doing something that was a bit more lively.

  • the coaching delivered by Neil Shah was fun and I enjoyed myself and because I work for the L&D team at the FT I have recommended Neil and Praesto for our coaching training to my manager.

  • I had a chance to speak to Neil Shah during the lunch break, I found his life and progression to where he is today very interesting so was already looking forward to what was going to occur in the afternoon.

    I did walk away from the afternoon with what I felt was good advice that I shall put in practice, I also plan on contacting Neil to find out more about what he does.

  • Praesto w/ Neil Shah: This was a very entertaining session! I liked the way everyone got involved, it was very interactive. It offered a different approach to looking at situations and problems, which I personally valued. I think everyone took away something beneficial from that session.

  • I liked the coaching bit at the end, good to move around a bit and it definitely relaxed the atmosphere a lot more and got us talking more.

Many thanks for your workshops at our recent conference. After hearing the feedback from the teams I was very sorry that I was not able to attend myself! It was very clear from their response to you personally, and in the conference evaluation forms, that they found your input very useful indeed. As this is a particularly stressful time for the team your input was clearly very timely

Thank you so much again for your very valuable workshops

National Assessment Agency

Sincere thanks for your wonderful address to the North West London Chamber last night.  Your talk was much needed, educational and inspirational!  The members and guests clearly benefited from the experience and from discussions afterwards are keen to implement some of the strategies discussed.

Warmest regards

You have been a pleasure to do business with, and I have already recommended your organisations to other contacts.  I will keep an eye on your training dates, and see if I can persuade the MD that we NEED to attend one. 

Kind regards,
Esther Cooke

Many thanks for your session last night - I thought it was an excellent presentation for this important topic and I am sure that your approach will assist many people to overcome the challenges of this aspect of human life.
I learnt many new things last night and I am sure everyone present will have much to think about today.  Thank you once again on behalf of all.

Best wishes,

John Holroyd

Group Chairman, ICSA Beds and Herts Group

Thank you for doing the opening session for our Stress Conference.  Once we have assimilated the feedback, I will write a proper "thank-you" and send on what look like very positive comments.  Many people wanted to hear more of you!
It was great to have worked with you and I look forward to another opportunity in the future.
Very best wishes

Tina Fisher
Chief Executive
Birmingham St Mary's Hospice

Your literature has such a positive vibe that it practically leapt out at me - it was very uplifting reading.  I'm adopting your 'your when is now'  as an affirmation for myself - so simple yet so effective.
Best wishes,

A very big and warm thank you for an excellent workshop on the 30 April. I really appreciated you sharing this valuable knowledge in a structured way with your team. Please pass my thanks to Lisa and Anne as well. It is amazing what one can experience in a day. I have been reading the course material as well.
Hope to keep in touch. Have a great week.

Kind regards,

I really enjoyed the weekend, nice and lively, great bunch of people and certainly opened my mind.  Thanks again for your help with the activities.
I wish you all the best for your future.

Kind regards,

"You did a great job of the event. I thought it was very enjoyable and the points were made in a clear and interesting way. Your initiative is great and I'm sure will be mighty successful."
VP, London NW2

"Praesto has some very powerful techniques."
MS, Islington

The coach had a very relaxing manner. I feel very relaxed and refreshed and enjoyed it so much I did not feel the time flying by.
LS, Eastbourne

Good attention to detail and a well-paced workshop. I look forward to another Praesto event again soon.
AS, Guildford

I left with the knowledge that I was in control of my life, not just a victim of circumstance. I definitely benefited from coming along today.
JL, Kenton

Very attentive facilitator, explanation of various techniques was very thorough. A very relaxing and calming experience.
AS, Fleet

A brilliant, electrifying and high-impact session. An unforgettable experience which has definitely left us with a buzz! I am looking forward to being able to use Praesto again.
Nadia, Strand Palace Hotel

Drumming makes you feel good afterwards for hours. I felt very positive, stronger and assertive. It makes you get in touch with your inner strengths. I would definitely like to do it more often. Even just after one session I feel l would like to do more of it.
Portugal Prints, London

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