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Is stress all in our heads? The Scotsman, Sun 3 Apr 2005
'I FELT incredibly alone," says Feza Sengul. "I couldn't understand what was happening to me." With piles of work mounting up, deadlines looming and ever-increasing pressure from unsympathetic bosses, the 25-year-old was suffering from stress.

Stressbusting Association of Certified Chartered Accountants journal, 04 Feb 2005
If you feel stressed, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Most people suffer from various forms of stress in their lives, and the workplace is generally a prime cause. Gwen Cheeseman talks to stress expert Vanessa Bolton.

The key to making an impact
Use colour, clothing, attitude, body language speech and awareness to make the maximum impact on those around you.

Coping with pressures at work
Tackling pressure before it takes hold will allow you to beat the burnout.

Seminars to target problems of stress
Headteachers, firefighters, social workers and managers are to be trained in recognising stress in staff, after Lincolnshire's biggest employer spent almost 9m on sick leave.

Drum up some enthusiasm!
Carolyn Boyd finds that banging out African beats can be a truly uplifting and addictive experience. (The Metro, 6 April 2004)

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