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Joel Roberts Seminar


You spend your life trying to get people to take notice of you, your company or your product. But what happens when your moment arrives? The camera swings round to face you, the lights glare, there's a microphone being held to your mouth… * SNAP * do you know what to say next?


How would you like to out-market your competitors so well that you see potential customers literally rushing towards you, waving their credit cards, desperate to do business.

 Sounds good? Then claim your seat for the marketing event of the year – our special, one-time only event with a world-class coach:

The Secrets To

Hitting The Media Jackpot! Seminar  

27th October 6:30pm to 9:30pm, LIVE in London

Meet Joel Roberts:

  • No 1 Media Coach To More Best-Selling Authors And Entrepreneurs Than Anyone On The Planet
  • Straight-Talking Communications Guru To CEOs And Fortune 100 Companies
  • Former Primetime Broadcaster In Los Angeles – Radio Capital Of The World
  • One Of The Most Dynamic, Profound And Hilarious Speakers You'll Ever Encounter
  • And Now Ready To Reveal An Insider's Media Secrets To Those Wanting To Out-Market Their Competition And Use Free Exposure To Explode Sales, Visibility And Profits


Joel will deliver 2 hours of solid gold world-class content from his internationally-renowned "LANGUAGE OF IMPACT Seminar". And you could be in the room to hear it, including:

1.  How to make your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) irresistible to customers so that your prospects say "I want THAT!"

2.  How to generate millions of pounds worth of FREE publicity off the back of current media stories. 
3.  Why you'll never be at a loss for words again, thanks to Joel's powerful signature technique.

4.  The #1 communications strategy that grabs attention and gets you on the air time and time again.

5.  How to overcome any fear about speaking to the media or the public, so you can't help but radiate confidence and flair.

6.  How to cut to the CORE message of your business FAST so people "get it" when you speak.  This skill alone will Double or Triple your sales and results.

7.  Experience the thrill of watching Joel perform his "Millionaire Mouth Message Makeovers" with people live at this event. Perhaps even with YOU.

Reserve your seat by visiting or calling 0844 357 8629.


This Media Jackpot special event is 2 hours of hard core, practical content from beginning to end. And it's a power-packed preview of Joel's all-new 3-day Seminar, which he's launching in London on November 5, 6, 7.  He calls it the "LANGUAGE OF IMPACT Seminar" and, once you've experienced Joel in person, we're willing to bet the house you won't want to miss it.  


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