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Stress management for companies

How is staff turnover at your company? What about absence levels? And staff morale


Stress is now the number one cause of absence from work. Last year 18 million working days were lost because of it. That makes it a primary concern for any business.

In addition, companies now have a duty to tackle undue stress in the workplace. That's a principle set out by the Health & Safety Executive. Those that ignore the problem can even find themselves in the courts.

Recent statistics show that one in five employees suffers from workplace stress.  Therefore at any one time 20% of your workforce may have:

  • low productivity and morale

  • high sickness and absence

  • thoughts of leaving

That's not a pleasant situation for anyone.  And it's not something you can ignore either.  Do nothing, and your company could even face legal action.

To see the extent of workplace stress, consider these facts.  According to the Health and Safety Executive:

  • Stress is the number one reason for absence from work in the UK

  • 13.5 million working days are lost due to stress at a cost of 3.7 billion per annum

Given these high levels of workplace stress, it is not surprising that employers need to take action!

Our onsite activities will help you to understand how your organisation is being affected by stress, and what you can do about it.

Tackle stress in your company, and you can gain some fantastic benefits.  For example, you can do away with up to 20% of current sickness levels in the company.  You can stop problems of staff turnover and poor morale.  And you can even become an employer of choice, attracting a better calibre of employee. 

In order to provide you the best support we have joined forces with The Stress Management Society. Together we offer a complete solution to take any company's staff from distress to de-stress, including:

Stress audits - find out how big a problem stress is in your company and get practical advice on how to tackle it.

Stress Testing and Wellbeing Events - let us test your staff to give you an idea of stress levels and overall health.  Test include Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure, Galvanic Skin Response and  Body Analysis Test (body weight, body mass index, body fat and body water).

Awareness campaigns - a great way to get people talking about the issue and its solutions. Campaigns or stress awareness days can include:

  • speakers
  • therapists
  • workshops
  • literature
  • and follow-up support.

One-to-one help - show your staff you care with some of these practical services:

  • a dedicated stress 'hotline' (a confidential telephone support service specifically for some, or all, of your employees)
  • once a month stress clinics where employees can meet with our coaches to discuss issues in confidence
  • therapy visits, eg Indian head massage or on-site yoga. Your staff feel the benefit, and don't even have to leave the premises. A very popular choice for staff.

We're always happy to advise companies on all apsects of managing stress in the workplace.

Call us for more details.

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