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Stress management for individuals

Are you:

  • going flat out but feel you've achieved little.
  • depressed and unable to complete tasks.
  • having trouble sleeping.
  • running on empty, both mentally and physically.


If so, you could be stressed. And, if you are looking to excel in your goals, it's therefore crucial to manage the stress in your life.

Praesto has a solution to your problem. We work closely with The Stress Management Society to bring you practical workshops, products and advice that will help you tackle the tensions.

See for more details, or consider:


Want a one-day oasis of calm that lets you regroup from the stresses of life and gather some essential tools to tackle tension? That's what you'll find at our 'Feel Karma' workshops, delivered in association with The Stress Management Society. All workshops are led by qualified professionals.

  • Feel Karma stress management. A general introduction which covers breathing, office yoga and massage, diet, creative visualisation, proper breathing and self-hypnosis.
  • Feel Karma self-hypnosis. A whole day learning this skill. Self-hypnosis offers deep relaxation and a way in to the power of the subconscious mind.
  • Feel Karma diet and nutrition. Eat your way calm! Stress punishes your body, so get the low-down on the right foods to keep it functioning properly.


There's a scientific way of finding out how stressed you are- and it all depends on the temperature of your fingertips. When you're stressed, blood rushes to your essential organs and away from your extremities. That means that you can measure stress by gauging the warmth of your fingertips.

We offer easy ways to do this, with stress monitors and 1cm LCD temperature squares that you can stick on your mouse mat and use again and again. And then to deal with the tensions you have, use other products such as stress balls, relaxation CDs or repetitive stress injury wrist cushions.

See our web shop for more details.

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