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Self hypnosis

The mind is a powerful thing. And a company or individual can easily harness its power through self hypnosis.

This intense natural state of relaxation enables you to achieve

  • deep relaxation
  • greater creativity
  • new behaviour patterns
  • a way of overcoming barriers
  • better communication skills
  • better focus at work.

We regularly hold a one-day workshop in West London, teaching people this practical skill. Or we can bring it to your company instead.

This course is for anyone who wants practical tools to help them get more out of life. It is particularly relevant for professional facilitators such as therapists, consultants, teacher trainers, doctors, sales people, managers, advertisers and company directors.


Workshop content

During the day, we cover:

  • what hypnosis is
  • how self hypnosis differs from stage hypnosis
  • the power of the subconscious mind
  • practical uses of hypnosis
  • quick and easy ways to achieve the hypnotised state
  • how you can use it to achieve healing and expand creativity

We also include exercises to help with:

  • confidence
  • communication skills
  • performance anxiety
  • focussing
  • clear thinking
  • stress management

The workshop includes trainer input, group discussion, case studies and role-play.

Call us for more details.

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