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Team Beat drumming up change in your company

Need to build or strengthen a team? We've got an ideal training method.

Rhythm is one of the most natural things in the world. It's everywhere - from the turning of the tides to every creature's heartbeat. For centuries cultures across the world have used rhythm to communicate, increase productivity, celebrate success, establish unity or just relax.

Research shows that creating rhythm through drumming creates sub-sonic vibrations that positively influence everything from the cells in your body to your emotional state. That makes it a workout for the heart, mind and body. (See our news coverage section for press comment on this.)

And now you can use it in your company for:

  • team building
  • stress release
  • energising employees
  • synchronising thought processes in a group
  • breaking down racial, cultural, gender and age barriers.


Drumming in the workplace

Effective teams have two principles: a common vision and effective communication. Our corporate drumming sessions - Team Beat - use these principles to build a wall of sound that engulfs those participating. Individuals have a voice, yet work together. Each session also gives the perfect metaphor to discuss teamwork and communication. And everyone has a great deal of fun.

Clients who have tried Team Beat report improved teamwork, communication and listening skills; stress relief; group empowerment and relaxation.

How a Team Beat session works

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